If It is your first time having a family photo session done with your little ones, or even your yearly one, there is always the slight anxiety of your toddler not behaving. Whether it be the terrible two’s or just a not a long enough nap, no need to stress. Read below for my tips and tricks for tots!

1. Get lots of rest and full bellies

Start prepping the night before. Getting your tot to bed nice and early will keep them well rested and pleasant for our shoot the following day. A good breakfast will also keep spirits high!

2. Begin to get ready early

The stress of getting out of the house before a shoot and getting everyone pulled together is often the hardest part. Make this easier by getting ready an hour sooner than you felt you should. This way there is plenty of room for last minute changes and much less stress!

3. Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Is there a special treat your tot loves to eat? Bring it! When a child starts to get tired, having a special fuel is always a great way to keep them going!

4. Have something fun planned for after the session

Is there a fun park nearby our location? Is there a movie your child has been dying to see? Planning something fun for after the session gives a toddler something to look forward to, and a reason to move through the shoot seamlessly.

5. Keep your cool and they will too!

No toddler is going to have a perfect day everyday, and of course the last place you’d want that is during your session. Understanding this though will make the shoot go a lot smoother. Keeping the energy of the shoot fun and upbeat is the key to a successful one. Toddlers tend to reflect the mood and vibe of those around them. Letting them run in the park when we arrive is sometimes what they need to do in order to bring them back down to focus, or even taking a short break to see if there are any fish in the body of water we’re near. Don’t forget, they’re still kids! One of the greatest things about children are their personalities.

My goal in every session is to capture the essence of your family and the love you all share. Following these quick tips will keep everyone happy and excited to create memories you will have forever!

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