How to take better photos with your iPhone: 


- Lighting, angles, composition

Lighting: Good lighting is crucial to taking a good photograph on your iPhone. Natural lighting is the best way to achieve a good photograph, but if you do not have natural light, identify a strong direct light wherever you are shooting. Using the flash on an iPhone usually washes the image out because you do not have any control over how bright it is going to be (thats why sometimes your images come out completely white when using flash). 


     - Do not shoot towards the sun or direct light source. Your subjects will come out very dark or as silhouettes. Always make sure the sun or light source is behind YOUR back.   

     - Sunlight is very harsh from 12-3pm and is almost directly overhead, causing bad and harsh shadows on your subject which is nearly impossible to fix on your phone.      

    - Shoot in the shade whenever possible. The shade still has enough light but diffuses the light nicely, causing your subject to look most flattering.

Angles:Understanding angles will be your best friend. If you are shooting at very high or low angles it will make your subject look very different. Putting something closer to the lens vs. farther away will make that object look bigger or smaller. Let's break those down.

Birds Eye:When shooting in birds eye (above your subject) it will make your subject appear smaller.

Worms Eye:When shooting in worms eye (below your subject) it will make your subject appear larger. 

Straight On:This is normally the best angle to shoot with. It won't give you much distortion on your subject and doesn't take much skill either. Try and always shoot from the height of your eye as well.

Composition:The composition of a photograph is what makes it a good photo or not. You want your photo to be evoke some kind of feeling, whether it be aesthetic and give a good feeling or an un-easing feeling. Here is the basic rule: 

Rule Of Thirds: You can turn on the "grid" option on in your settings. This will create a grid on your camera for you to place things correctly in the frame.


     - Don't place your subject directly in the middle of the grid.

     - Don't place your subject completely to one side or the other unless that it what you are trying to do

Editing: Editing is crucial. No matter how great you think the photo already is, even the slightest touchup can make the difference. 

Editing apps: 

     - VSCO: A great editing app that has high quality filters.

Exposure: Adjust this to change overall brightness 

Contrast: Adjust to increase the darker areas of the photo

Saturation: *a little goes a long way with this one* Adjust to increase or decrease color.

There are more settings to use on editing apps but those three are the most important.

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